Tai Chi Class


Tai Chi 

Tai Chi is the most effective way to develop healthy for the body and mind. Improve calmness and focus of mind, suppleness, strength, coordination, balance, agility, and relaxation.

- Reduction or Elimination in Chronic Pain
- Enhance Breathing Efficiency
- Becoming calm
- Coordination, balance, suppleness
- Developing increased energy and spirits 

For age 12 or above


The Howard Venue

(39 Egerton Avenue, Swanley BR8 7LG)


Tuesday 10.00-11.00 am

Free Trial on the first lesson



£5 per lesson


Modern Chinese Dance

Modern Chinese Dance

This class is based on traditional Chinese dance and combines the rhythms and techniques of modern Western dance steps, so that members can learn the beauty of traditional Chinese dance and feel the fun of modern Western dance at the same time.

For any ages

Islington Chinese Association

(21 Hatchard Rd,London N19 4NG)

Every Wednesday

11:30 - 12:30 am

£5 per lesson, Monthly Pay in Advance