Having taught a variety of dance styles in over two dozen schools, community centres and corporates, May now shares her artistic skills with the London Chinese and wider communities. May’s goal is to use dance movements as a method of expression to help others explore their feelings without necessarily having to talk or communicate in the traditional manner.  

Based on the principle that dance movements reflects an individual’s thoughts and feelings, the aim of her work focus a lot on enabling personal, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, physical and social integration, encouraging the development of new movement patterns and emotional experiences.

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May Au


Originally from Hong Kong, May Au is an accomplished dancer specialising in traditional Chinese and contemporary dance and possesses over 20 years of experience in dance education and performances. She is also a highly experienced Tai Chi Qigong teacher recognized by the founder of the Tai Chi Qigong shibashi Professor Housheng Lin.


May graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Art, she has toured and performed in various dance and martial art productions, such as the 2008 Olympics opening act in Beijing and other performances in the UK, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, USA, Canada, and Germany.

May's first experience of Tai Chi was when she was preparing for a dance performance that mixed with Tai Chi elements around 20 years ago. As she was suffering from a strain injury at that time, Qigong helped May's recovery as it strengthened her muscles and core. Since then, she has been practicing Qigong regularly and has shared her experience with those around her. 

May believes that in each body, there is an innate ability to heal oneself and practicing Qigong is the key to a self-healing journey. She is delighted to share this experience with you.