Tai Chi Qigong 

1 Hour

-Qigong Shibashi (18 forms)

-Tai Chi Yang Style 10 & 24 forms


Monday 8.00 pm & Thursday 10.00 am

via Zoom

£30 for 6 lessons or £7 for single classes


- Reduction or Elimination in Chronic Pain

- Enhance Breathing Efficiency

- Becoming calm

- Coordination, balance, suppleness

- Developing increased energy and spirits

For sign up or enquiries:


Email: hello@studiokowloon.co.uk

Text or Whatsapp: 07765105082

Modern Chinese Dance

1 Hour

- Based on Traditional Chinese Dance and Combines the Rhythms and Techniques of Modern Western Dance Steps

- Learn the Beauty of Traditional Chinese Dance and Feel the Fun of Modern Western Dance 


Wednesday 11.30 am

£5 per classes (Monthly Paid in Advance, Non-Refundable)

Physical Lesson at Islington Chinese Association or Online via Zoom

Free Trial For the First Lesson

Tel: +44 7765105082

Email: hello@studiokowloon.co.uk

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